Dario Viejo born in Cuba in 1966. Nuclear Physical Engineer, 
Painter, Producer, Screenwriter of Movies and Musical Spectacles of Theater and Dance, after his return of a Travel Exhibit by Europe he created a Multidisciplinary Art Project in Cuba“Art. Parajessica”.  He has participated in many events and charity auctions.

His primitive surrealism going to a unique language to mixed Afro-Cuban and foraging cultures as part as well to his images and lifestyle. Participated in more than 200 Exhibitions in 25 countries, the most recent monochromic paintings were exhibit during Art Basel week 2015 in Miami.

The artist's visual vocabulary “explorer themes of life and transcendence, it should be transfigured into a personalized world. The last 1990’s demark an evolution into his work including new tools; the awarding paint “Orichas en La Habana” describes part of this essence.

The multicolor dymation on the back surrounding with human signs, is a symbolic intersection between human cultures and the natural world, the narrative is more ephemeral than descriptive.

He’s the newcomer cuban painter of the best auction ranking supported by collectors and galleries; the market for his work has picked after 2012’s when the monochromatic artwork to up coming in “Transmutation” an experimental period when his work was transporting on tridimensional.

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Dario Viejo "El Arte de las Formas" (Serie 1ra. del 2011-2013)
by Negocio Magazine
Distinguished Visitor,
Miami 2009


Distinguished Artist,
Miami 2013
Dario Viejo signing intervened Maserati logo